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Eh, formalities…

I suppose an introduction is just part of the formalities.

Hi there, I’m Indicative, the last surviving Regal/CotW/Enhancer of Clan Rain. I’ve gone through at least six build changes and quite frankly this particular build, the Trinity Enhancer as Rho used to call it, is something that I’ve ended going back to.

Backtracking, I joined Megaten back in January and played for about a month. I stopped and picked it up around June. You can read whatever the history is with the very first post in my original blog. Too much to recap and I’m lazy as hell.

So I’ve hit 93 by abusing that whole Daisoju thing. Kuchinawa Caves is my new home since killing shit with my demons is just fun. It pays for repair costs and mags so I’m competely happy. Thanks to the plasma patch people prefer clicking bubbles than actually playing an MMO so I can have the caves all to myself.


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