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Let’s work together guys!

Nerfing Daisoju

You know, I’ve stopped caring about this whole thing in general. I’m lazy and I like abusing Daisoju. On the other hand, it’s a bit depressing that my build is essentially useless there aside from just enhancing, not dying, and supporting with Class 3 Hexes.

We tried doing a double party to split Daisoju up and share the exp. I won’t lie — it was pretty nice exp still and my clan got to share the wealth. In regards to that thread — tl;dr people fail at working together.

And about the Camping and Kill-Stealing…

As long as it’s a map that’s open for everyone, it’s something you have to accept. So what if they’re camping? That doesn’t give them ownership of a spawn. Kill-Stealing isn’t against the rules at all. Anything that is not in an instanced dungeon and anything that is open to the public is open game to anyone. This is just like real life kiddies, if you’ve been waiting to buy something at the store and someone comes and swipes it then what are you going to do? Complain to the store manager?

No. That’s fucking stupid.

On another note: Nocturne Sets are being released.

Coincidentally this was on April Fools so whether or not the GMs have the gonads to turn this into a joke is entirely up to them. I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and say — thanks for notifying us of a promo in advance.


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