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Do ho ho

Exitium is Back!

So for those who don’t know, Exitium was this lying deceitful player who used to be known as Jibby, Jibster, or Cataclysm`~

He rage quit and left a topic:

Quitting Giveaway

Yeah I PM’d for lolz. So there’s this guy in-game named BadMoJo who said he got ALL of Cata’s stuff. That contradicts what Cata said regarding his giveaway — max of 50 slots. I don’t have my old chat log anymore but I’m pretty fucking sure BadMoJo is one of his characters as well. Jibster/Jibby/Cataclysn`/BadMoJo/Exitium.

Regardless it looks like he’s back for more bashing under a sekrit alt. It’s just hilarious that he decided to go back under Exitium rather than JP21 or Jibby21 since we ALL know WHO it is.

And yes I know the date but he’s logged into his account about seven hours before I posted this — he’s playing 12sky? lolz?


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  1. April 22, 2010 at 5:01 am

    Yea, I learned that from Royce that exitium was cata.

    He’s quite the liar, also the one who reported us both apparently. He said he wasn’t the one who reported me and then Royce sends me a screenshot of him admitting to it on the destiny member only chatbox.

    He’s a REALLY REALLY good liar, cuz whatever he told the GMs got me banned indefinitely.

    Who knew one man could change the whole gameplay experience in the game and cause so much trouble. For the record, he also poses as Superman0x(the GM on our forums) on blogspot.com and comment spammed me and Synthess’s blog with that name (ofc i deleted his spams). And he also posed as Synthsuxcok and used this one to harrass synthess’s blog post over destiny’s rulez.

    He’s sick in the head for saying the stuff he said.

    • April 22, 2010 at 5:12 am

      Yeah he really is. But he’s also a massive AP spender. Prolly drops what, 2k USD a month? And I read what happened to you on your blog — real shame. Well hopefully karma’ll bite him in the ass.

      It’s just really sad that he has to actually lie about who he is when we all know it. No point in going on Exitium when enough people know — not to mention spread who he was.

  2. April 23, 2010 at 10:00 am

    ho ho ho, what you read on my blog is not even half of it.

    Once college is over, and I get my final exams done, I am going to post:


    on the situation of my banning and show everyone who cares to read just how stupid the GMs have gotten.

    At this point, even if they did unbann Loveguardian, I would not come back, I would log in for the sake of giving my crap away and saying goodbyes. They are wondering why so many veterans are leaving this game, and im quite sure 3/4 of the ppl that are replacing the veterans are really just alts =.=

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