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Fighting Butler VS Unusual Account Activity!




Honestly, whoever came up with this promotion should be shot in the face. Of all the the things to raffle off — a gender change? Either their sales have plummeted to an all-time low or there’s some crackhead making all these promotions.

Okay, so you have the option of changing your gender. Say you have one main character and you change their gender and all your gear is say… female! There’s a shitton of work in replacing the gear, re-stoning it, etc. It’s cheaper to just BUY a character ticket and level it up and rather than getting a fantastic sex change.

Information Regarding Gender Change:
Top Spender Winner can customize: Gender, Face, Character Model (Height), & Eye Color.
Top Spender Winner will be contacted shortly after the promotion with further details.
We will not change the gender of your armor. We will select hair color and type. (This of course can be changed by the player at any time afterwards)

Obviously you have to spend more money because whoever’s handling this gender change is going to be too fucking lazy to let you pick your own hairstyle — let along the color itself. How hard is it to ask what hair color and type? It’s the fucking Top Spender at least let them choose — then again I’m going to laugh at the loser who spends this much money to get Top Spender regardless of who it is.

Releasing the information Nocturne Set is coming out at the end of April is just a very idiotic move on their end. If you want more money then don’t tell people — especially when you have illiterate idiots that spend when they see that without reading everything fully. Real money trap I tell you. People pinch their pockets knowing this is coming out.

Finally, there’s been a recent string of bans surfacing up and while it’s hilarious, it’s something that can easily scare people from the game. Most of these stem from “Unusual Account Activity.”

Mitzi posted up an email she received in THIS thread. (NINJA EDIT: Posts were moved to THIS thread)

Dear .Mitzi,

This is a notice of a ban placed on the Admin account assigned to this e-mail address.
It was found that a character under the account was ‘unusual account activity’.

With this behavior confirmed we have placed a ‘permanent’ ban on the account starting on Thu, 04/22/2010 – 15:41. If you wish to discuss this ban further please contact us at info@aeriagames.com to receive a request ticket.

— Admin Team

So either players are reporting the hell out of each other or they’re seriously cracking down on Account Sharers.

Honestly? I see no problem with account sharing. It’s the account holder’s responsibility to handle their account. If they pass information to someone else then they can only blame themselves if shit hits the roof. So let’s try putting this in perspective and try seeing it from their eyes:

  • Two people share an account. Both of them spend money on the same account. They make this account so they can have variety in what class they want to play so their interest is extended.
  • Aeria: These players are potential customers and we’ll gain more money if they just make their own characters.
  • Me: Awesome, they found a way to keep their interest rather than quitting and continue to spend to keep the game alive.

Alright, let’s take another look at this scenario:

  • Two brothers decide to share an account and combine resources.  They have their separate accounts but they share the same gear. Both come from a low-income family and they can easily better themselves by sharing account information. One day, there’s miscommunication between both brothers and the older brother things the younger brother stole his equipment.
  • Aeria: This is why we don’t allow account sharing — to protect our players from the complications of items being stolen and lost.
  • Me: It’s your own damn fault for being stupid. You have nobody to blame but yourself. Deal with it and sort it out yourself.

Case in short, the only person who can be blames is the account holder themselves. While it is nice to care about account sharing — it’s something that happens anyway. Be it two irl friends, an irl couple, or online friends that trust each other completely — it’s something that promotes teamwork and keeps their interest in the game. Interest in the game means a longer life span of the game. I honestly don’t find any reason as to why account sharing is NOT allowed.

Also, in regards to the reason to ban: “Unusual account activity…” It’s stupid as hell.

  • If I logged off for a month and saw a promo I wanted to spend on and logged on just to spend on that — that’s pretty unusual activity right there. However, Aeria does have the capacity to screen AP transactions (unless they’re too stupid to actually check their information) so popping on to spend is something they should expect.
  • What if someone’s internet is haywire and they sporadically log on and off? Does that merit as “unusual account activity?”
  • Say I visit a friend who plays Megaten irl and log in on there? We share the same IP. How would we go about getting a ban appeal if we were banned for account sharing? We would have to display personal proof that we visited each other.
  • Say a friend came over while I was logged in? Say we’re in the same clan and they start chatting as me? Isn’t that technically account sharing? Unusual Activity even?

If Aeria wants to be an anal piece of shit about this whole deal then I don’t want to be affiliated with their company anymore.


  1. April 23, 2010 at 11:06 am

    lol read my post, I intend on causing hell

  2. April 23, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    I’m really starting to get bothered by the gratuitous amounts of players getting banned; it only proves that everyone hates each other. These days it seems like anyone will turn on you the second it’s to their advantage. Everyone might as well be named Judas. The only “unusual account activity” that I’ve witnessed is Pleinaire going from some random clanless noob in Babel who does nothing but play dressup to being probably the first person to hit 97. It’s funny because she’s still a clueless player; just goes to show you how far your wallet can take you (and proof that level officially means nothing).

    I’ve been debating on (seriously) quitting lately for a multitude of reasons. I’m fed up with all the angsty/whiny 14 year-old emo kids who can’t handle taking a little criticism. The overall lack of quality people to play with is disturbing at this point; I wonder how some people wipe their own ass without shitting in their hand (I could name several people here…). Somehow it’s totally plausible to be 90+ and still not know how to make an Erthys. I blame CAVE though. This game went from being quite hard to hit 90+ and levels reserved for the best of the best, to a game where a paraplegic with no eyes could hit 90+ in a weekend. Guess I’m just a “bitter old player” who “took things too seriously.”

    Don’t even get me started on the promos lately. I can’t wait to see the poor bastard that ends up winning (as if it won’t be TOTALLY FUCKING OBVIOUS WHO WINS). I’m disappointed like most are about the Goth Loli whoredom; but ffs why has no one mentioned the fact Mission Imagine set is long overdue (and more than likely being raffled/top spender due to the fact Smart Shoes are in the Item Mall). Vanity sets are fun, but it’s when Aeria fucks us out of actual useful, decent sets that I get pissed as all hell.

    It all just sickens me that of all the games that had to go to the shitter (long before it could even show a glimpse of it’s full potential), it had to be a Shin Megami Tensei game. I’m seriously, truly hoping someday for potential private servers.

  3. Michi
    April 23, 2010 at 10:13 pm

    Some people just don’t read carefully enough. That’s their own fault, they should be more careful with their money.

    And it just goes to show that Aeria’s a little banhammer happy nowadays. Not doing thorough investigations behind “suspicious” activity is just BS imo. Gonna wind up banning everyone at this point.

    And being semi-high lvled is almost shameful now, I feel like I might be mistaken for one of those high lvled newbies. :<

  4. April 24, 2010 at 4:58 am

    It’s really saddening that a game with this much potential (and as a side comment, the only one I’ve actually been able to ENJOY as an online game) gets populated by so many idiots in and out of management. Roy, please, if one day this game ends up on a private server and I’ve somehow vanished off the face of the earth, fire me an email, I’d LOVE to keep playing this somehow.

  5. Loveguardian
    April 25, 2010 at 6:02 pm


    they removed my comment, O gee I wonder why.

    Nice to see the dictatorship in this game.

    I bet they banned chin9111 as well, or forum banned it. I sincerly hope the whole community got a chance to read taht comment before it was removed

  6. June 22, 2010 at 10:49 pm

    At least back in the day Mom’s credit card was used to buy shit on EBay.

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