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So I applied for the lulz. I screenshotted and uploaded my application on my photobucket because I wholeheartedly expect them to delete it sometime today.

GS Application

So I got a Request Ticket as a response:

Hello GoddessOfStuff,

Thank you for submitting your Game Sage application for the month of May.

We appreciate your effort on behalf of and love for this game.  However,
due to the circumstances that led to your status as a Game Sage being
revoked, you are currently ineligible to become a Game Sage at this time.

We would like to thank you again for your continued interest and
enthusiasm for this game.


The MegaTen GM Staff

I reply with a very prompt:

I wanted to apply to hear most of your current sages talk shit about it. =p

Which I’m also expecting — specifically from Bleach. I’m sure the man trolls my blog from time to time to read it and see if I gave him attention. We all know negative attention just feeds his massive ego that accompanies his already large self.

There were a few things while I was working with him as a sage that I found to be absolutely stupid. His activity is just fucking terrible — I rarely see him in the forums and even less in-game when I used to log on. I’m sure he thinks he’s the perfect Game Sage and I’m quite sure he hated me. My obvious ego was enough to throw him off-balance. Back in the day we were supposed to run an event together along with Royce. The three of us with no real designated leader. It was a team project — not an opportunity to delegate like Bleach took advantage of.

Furthermore, when I saw the GS Forumz it was dead. It was really dead. When I tried to spark activity I was bombarded with a flurry of messages such as: HURR DURR YIM IS TEH BEST. So clearly the sages hate going to the forums — you’re better off adding them on YIM. But oh man, some of Bleach’s post in reply to the topic I made were just absolutely terrible. I knew we all lived in different timezones. Using the forum as a means of communication was technically the most effective manner since YIM isn’t reliable at all. Bleach’s posts pretty much said “Deal with it. I’m too much of a lazy fuck to get on the forums.”

I made a post in regards to this locked Alpha Chip thread regarding Bleach. I was asked to remove it because it reduced how much of a team we were as Game Sages. I basically called him out that he had no ring to call anything useful vanity. When you spend ten bucks on little tiny pixilated spheres just to fap to how good they look on your cyber-character then you can’t talk. When you ragequit because you spend $200 USD on one outfit and never got it — you can’t talk shit because you use it for vanity. I guess they want a sage who’s only use is getting a boner for his Character.

I’d think it’s just degrading to have  a sage with an unhealthy obsession with the game. Obviously he plays Gaia Online — not Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online.

Most of the other sages don’t even really do jack shit. I’ve heard the excuse “I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work.” Seriously? You need to make yourselves noticeable among the actual gaming community — you’re volunteers to help people.

Anyway, back to the initial topic at hand. I think I’d like to a bit of  this HILARIOUS log I had the other day — the very same day I was kicked from the Game Sage team.

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
Wow, I really don’t understand why you of all people are spreading
false rumors about me? I worked so hard for my character in game.  I
feel that I always did what was best for the community and wanted to
leave with the impression that it was worthwhile. Now I have players
thinking I am a GM? Harassing both my husband and I? I am not Peanut.
Really Jose, you should grow up and get your priorities straight.
Stop thinking about conspiracy theories and about the way you look in
game. I’d suggest you look towards the future if you expect to support
a family and think for once.  Don’t include other people into your
farcical dramas.  Seriously, I never did anything to you.
Now I can’t even leave a game with the respect that I worked so hard for.

Indi says:
I dropped that topic
a month ago
I got revoked from something
I didn’t bring up
Yeah I had those theories
I dropped them all
If Peanut reported me it’s out of sheer paranoia hun
nothing more
Don’t go blaming me for something I didn’t pursue.

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
Don’t call me hun, and I don’t belive you. I have players msging me
hearing it from you. Its a he said she said.

Indi says:
You know
heard this from Rukai

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
I just hope you understand I am not Peanut so call off the search party please.

Indi says:
who heard it from KENDRA
The ONLY reason people are using MY name
is because I was  GS

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
Again its a he said she said.

Indi says:

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
I know you love drama but please keep me out of it,

Indi says:
Well believe what you will.
Hate me if you want
I’m not the one spreading it
or sending out the search parties.
Go ahead and rage if you want
Quite frankly
it seems you’re 100% sure of your stance on this
I won’t try and dissuade you into believing otherwise
it’s not worth it.

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
I just thought  I would share my thoughts on this. Incase you still
didn’t belive it.

Indi says:
Oh I stopped caring
I confronted peanut with it in the FIRST place because people were
going all apeshit with these rumours
I kept telling her that she needed to do something about this
because it won’t end well
After that
I didn’t talk about it at all

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
I dont care really about your conversations with the GMs. I care
about what happens now. I care that you understand who I am not.

Indi says:

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
Thats really all

Indi says:
don’t go crawling up my ass all suddenly
Considering it’s a pretty shitty day for me?
beni leaving
and I get an email saying I got revoked
If you’re gonna get on someones ass
blame the fuck out of Kendra
NOT me
iirc she’s one of the ORIGINS of this rumour

ティナ~ Tina ❤ says:
Kendra isnt my friend.
I could care less.
Its when someone who is my firend doesn’t get it.
If we are clear on this then that is really all that matters
I dont have much more to say but best of luck to you and your new family.

Indi says:
Then don’t just straight up send me this paragraph of rage and assume
shit hit the roof?
afaik I was framed for continuously spreading this.

Obviously, Theena was on her rag that day. I mean it’s pretty fucking coincidental that she happened to message me the same day I got demoted from being a Game Sage. If you can’t guess why I was removed as a Game Sage — then you’re fucking stupid. Stop reading this Blog.


  1. April 27, 2010 at 10:00 am

    It was totally out of the question for Bleach to use the GS Forums when he could constantly IM me at 3am on a nightly basis to talk about events. There’s nothing frustrating in the least about being woken up to how he thinks the event should focus on the three of us being “naughty schoolgirls” who are getting “punished” after school…

    …and people wonder why I don’t like him. *rolls eyes*

    • April 27, 2010 at 10:03 am

      Inb4 GS Panty Raid events start popping up.

  2. Loveguardian
    April 27, 2010 at 12:51 pm

    I find that retarded.

    utterly retarded….beyong the use of english language.

    top that off, I see why they deleted my comment of support to lndi in the GS feedback thread….

  3. Viro
    April 28, 2010 at 12:49 am

    “If you can’t guess why I was removed as a Game Sage — then you’re fucking stupid. Stop reading this Blog.”
    You aren’t a GS anymore!?!?!!!??
    Seriously though, about time you actually said all that. Honestly after all that has happened in Megaten recently there is not a SINGLE decent GS anymore. Another thing, everything that you stated is true if people don’t want to believe it they can go live in their little fantasy world for the rest of their lives for all I care.

    • Lori
      April 28, 2010 at 2:38 am

      *throws a shoe at Viro*
      only cause i don’t stand on the bridge where you afk doesn’t mean i don’t exist and don’t do shit <_<

      once again, being on the "dead channels" matters too…

      i would like to see you apply and do better with the limited stuff we can actually do

      /rage over

      • Viro
        April 30, 2010 at 11:26 pm

        I just be trolling, also I never said you didn’t do anything. Also I kinda exaggerated in my little rant, when I said that there wasn’t any decent GSs anymore I meant that most of the GSs suck.

  4. Sting
    April 28, 2010 at 1:04 am

    Looks like SMT truly is going down the drain. And lulz at Theena’s defensive attitude, i mean, who would get so anal about something like that unless they wanted to hide something? Anyways, SMT’s gunna be gay w/o any real GS’s left, since Dojan’s a SB whoring piece of crap who suggests AP as the first solution. Anyways, hf in allolz, or Lunia, or Hello Kitty Island adventure. GET YOUR XBOX BACK SO I CAN RAPE UR ASS IN VOOT.

    • April 28, 2010 at 1:26 pm

      Go play HKO indi you ho.
      Tell me what you think of Neo steam if you try it. ❤

      PS. AP should never be the first answer to anything.

  5. April 28, 2010 at 1:24 am

    Honestly, just glancing over the first page of applications, yours was about the only application worth reading. I have to say most of the posts are lazy. Every one of them does the same thing. Just copy & paste the questions and answer them barely then post them down~

    Why don’t people make it neater, make it easier to read, hell, reread it and make it sound better. You’re applying for something, make it look better or at least different from other people. Don’t just post a block of text. No one likes reading those. Put some EFFORT into it.

    And god, I know I pushed for SB activity, but just being on SB is not enough. Go to forums too, being ingame is important too! I really wish they would put up the minimum post requirement prereq. again for GS applications or start enforcing it.

    I don’t even know why Bleach is still a GS.
    Hello GS that can’t even be bothered to pretend to be active. Speaking of which, there’s quite a few GS that I wonder why they’re still in position. Volunteers they may be but they should still be doing some kind of work. At the moment it’s like giving a volunteer community hours that they didn’t work for. It’s ridiculous.

    They need to less behind the scenes work. Gotta learn to moderate everything, including behind-the-scenes and frontline work. If you can’t do that, then you deserve to be critiqued for whatever you’re lacking. Live and learn~

    As for “Tina”, nice friends you got there~
    You’re her friend, so the first throat she jumps down is yours right? ‘Cuz why would she believe her friend over rumors right? Totally outrageous to give a friend the benefit of the doubt first. -nods-

    I’m not sure she understands what “he said she said” means. It means that it was spread by word of mouth, meaning its gossip, meaning it’s (aka) RUMORs. Also gotta love how she doesn’t care about your side of the story, cuz knowing half of a story is totally good enough to place blame.

    Mmmm 3AM rant, go~ ❤

    • Beni
      April 28, 2010 at 9:16 am

      /Fake Copy Paste On Michi’s Post :> (If i wanted to I would but i to lazy so i’ll be unlazy and make my own)

      *Noms Michi* Awww Yeah I don’t truly understand considering i was there when everything went down bahahaha…

      Tina is just /FzePlmz

      Like Srz there was no REAL reason to attack a “He said She Said” (Trying to write correctly is killing me D:)

      I don’t even know anymore O_o Why a, I even Posting… Im a luker :>

      At any rate. Peanut went all azz Crazy about Indi going to AGE that sunday EVEN though we met Dantine and hung out with JoLt. To be quite Honest. JoLt told Dantine we were stopping by the night before and she didn’t have a problem but

      OH EM GEE Lies O_O Dantine told us she was the only one in the office Bahaha when I had just gotten done talking to Peanut who said she was

      “At the office breaking the Item Mall”

      ^ Failzorz Bahahaha


      Peanut is just a paranoid b—- who is afraid of her identity being revealed although nobody really fucking cares. i’m just positive she a big obese ugly lady O_o How do we even know she’s a lady… DUNDUNDUNNNNNNN

      /Dies /End fun rage that isn’t really a rage O`o


  6. April 28, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Welp, I applied for the lulz and look what I get:
    Hello deathbivouac,

    Thank you for submitting your Game Sage application for the month of May.

    We appreciate your effort on behalf of and love for this game. However,
    due to the circumstances that led to your status as a Game Sage being
    revoked, you are currently ineligible to become a Game Sage at this time.

    We would like to thank you again for your continued interest and
    enthusiasm for this game.


    The MegaTen GM Staff

    Apparently exposing the fact Aeria fails at training their volunteers and can’t accept the fact they could have prevented this in the first place = no GS for me. They fucked up in giving Cata a name change in the first place; it’s easier to sweep stuff under the rug I guess.

    Oh well, quantity > quality w/ Megaten GSes. It’ll be nice to see Sharte getting kicked for inactivity again… or Jebus leaving the team for the 18th time (at least he proved you can get paid 2.5k AP a month by pressing Enter on Shoutbox while you fap)… or Harlock proving you can suck at 2 games and somehow manage to be a GameSage for both. Only person I see getting potentially picked is Lulu, and that’s because it’s really the first time she’s remotely had a chance to win.

    Don’t worry though, we’ll still have Bleachie and Dojan to ensure the public image of GSes remains pathetic and laughable ^_^

  7. Loveguardian
    May 1, 2010 at 10:13 am

    I love how the GS feedback thread…they deleted my helpful comment of who I thought would be a kool GS.

    Seems like its pretty much GS applicants who are posting what they think of each other.

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