This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a long time actually.

The value of items in promotion for F2P games; what spurs their cost?

  • Value based on use — if it  is an upgrade or vanity
  • Rarity, availability, and the desire from the population
  • The item itself

I’d like to focus on the item itself and directly relate it to Megaten and most other MMOs. There is one core difference in the equipment that can be bought from Megaten that isn’t that common in most MMOs. That difference is that the equipment you use in Megaten are, for the most part, capable of being traded to another player. In other MMOs, most equippable items are bound to the character equipping them and they become incapable of being traded.

Now, there are some advantages to having items that can be traded. From a player’s perspective, you can always trade your old gear and upgrade to new gear. In the real world, this would be ideal, however in the F2P scenario, the publisher cannot profit as much from players just dumping their older gear to other players and upgrading with a lower cost.

With bound items, players are incapable of trading their older items away and must either junk or store their obsolete gear away. This makes the players pay ‘more’ than a player whose gears have the capability of being traded.

In order to prevent players from being discouraged, most F2P publishers with games that have gear that is bound to the player, make most gear a little more affordable than games that do implement that function. However, where gear can be traded, the cost for items tends to be higher.

There is another view to look at when thinking about bound VS unbound items, and that is how it affects the server. Items that can be traded freely can easily flood the server to the point where new players don’t even have to spend much to obtain older gear to start out with and slowly upgrade. The company must create new and stronger gear for the players to use and eventually leads to imbalanced pieces of equipment.

With bound items, the company that produces the items for the game is not as forced to create better and better gear. There is more room for error and larger room to re-release old gear without it flooding the server as much as an equal release rate as tradeable items.

Tl;dr… The cost and the value of of an item increases with its ability to be traded.

  1. Eri
    September 8, 2010 at 8:02 pm

    Tl;dr you should log into megaten and give me all your tradable items before you get banned.


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