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Epoch Battles

December 29, 2010 11 comments

Epoch Battles in Cosmic Break are basically Faction vs Faction Land Battles. If your faction controls a land then you get free stuff~!

First one I participated sucked ass because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. However, the second one I did wasn’t so bad. Moved from Rank 49 ¬†out of 60 to…

Third place! Trolling and dropping hippos and firepillars over clusters of enemies.


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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh Happy Holidays for those of you who don’t celebrate it.

Updates updates updates~

I got my helmet back. \o/

In other news, I picked up Cosmic Break again after watching Kuragehime the other day on GGA since there was an advertisement at the bottom. So, I haven’t played since July. So I decided “Oh hell why not play around a bit.”

First five or so  games?

T-T-Triple Bonuses

First off, I have no fucking idea how to even get leadership. Destroyer was fun though. *flex* Last Hit’s pretty much who KO’d the last mech.


This was a win after about a few more matches. No deaths (COST) on my end and I got third! Kept getting swamped and paranoid I was going to die though. :C

This would be my pride and joy at the moment, Frozen Amaryllis. Simple dual-gun mech. Reliable to boot with 400-ish HP.