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March 2, 2011 4 comments

Ok so first off I got Banned again.

My Main was a Templar named PocoPoco, Level 78.

Yellow Gear

  • 1h Swords – 60, 70, 75
  • 1h Hammers – 60
  • 1h Axes – 65
  • 2h Swords – 60
  • Relics – 50, 75
  • Shields – 50, 60, 65, 75

Armor Sets

  • Paladin Legacy – Nothing special
  • Templar Legacy – All +9
  • 75 PvP Set – All +10 (Chest +12)
  • 75 Heavenly Knight Set – All +10


  • 70 Orange Relic
  • Creator’s Embrace, 60 Shield
  • Eye of God Emblem, 60 Hit Rate Relic
  • 65 Sleep Hammer

So a shitton of work. So they ban me for “spamming” and later “innappropriate language” all in the same day with inconsistency in that report. Anyway they said it was my THIRD offense. As far as my knowledge goes, offenses are separate to each game. So let’s review on my bans.


  1. Banned using an auto clicker
  2. Banned flaming Thanos4Eva in shout chat
  3. Banned editing the Wiki crediting Finella and posting other helpful links


  1. Arguing that R-Word is more chaotic than Rollback.
  2. Spamming/Innapropriate Language?
  3. ?????????????????????????????????????????? Doesn’t exist?!

SO HERE’S WHAT THEY SENT when I sent a ban appeal.

Hello GoddessOfStuff,

Our records show that this account has now been placed on a permanent ban due to inappropriate language.

We are not obligated to tell players the reason for the ban. We also would like to remind players to watch their behavior to avoid these incidents.

As this is your third offense, this ban will not be overturned.

The Grand Fantasia Team

SO HERE’S WHAT THEY SENT prior to that. Like… an HOUR before that if not less.

Dear GoddessOfStuff,

This is a notice of a ban placed on the Admin account assigned to this e-mail address.
It was found that a character under the account was ‘spamming’.

With this behavior confirmed we have placed a ‘permanent’ ban on the account starting on 2011-02-28 12:27. If you wish to discuss this ban further please contact us to receive a request ticket.

— Admin Team

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Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Oh Happy Holidays for those of you who don’t celebrate it.

Updates updates updates~

I got my helmet back. \o/

In other news, I picked up Cosmic Break again after watching Kuragehime the other day on GGA since there was an advertisement at the bottom. So, I haven’t played since July. So I decided “Oh hell why not play around a bit.”

First five or so  games?

T-T-Triple Bonuses

First off, I have no fucking idea how to even get leadership. Destroyer was fun though. *flex* Last Hit’s pretty much who KO’d the last mech.


This was a win after about a few more matches. No deaths (COST) on my end and I got third! Kept getting swamped and paranoid I was going to die though. :C

This would be my pride and joy at the moment, Frozen Amaryllis. Simple dual-gun mech. Reliable to boot with 400-ish HP.

Fuck you Aeria

December 16, 2010 6 comments

Before I get to that…

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Aksimet caught that in the spam comment filter. Bots have feelings — even if I never deleted a comment from this bot~

Anyway, back to the meat and potatoes of this business. So, two nights ago after I was unbanned, Aeria had an Emergency Maintenance for Grand Fantasia. When it was done, I logged back in and -poof- my headpiece was gone and swapped with some random green. <_<; So I sent in an RT~!

GoddessOfStuff (4841626) sent a message using the contact form at

Subcategory: Other

Game: Grand Fantasia EN

Server: Bodor

Character Name: PocoPoco

Date and time of occurrence: 2010-12-15 03:31 GMT-8

After logging in after emergency Maint, I checked my gear. I have a fully +9’d Templar Legacy. When I checked my headpiece I had this:

It’s also odd that it’s missing the same dura as my own helmet. This is a picture of a piece of my templar legacy as proof that I do own it.

I’m not sure what happened but that’s incredibly strange to me. I only use two primary sets of armor. One is always worn and one is always and the upper right corner of my bag. I’m a bit… Obsessive in making sure it’s always that way.

It costs quite a bit to get pieces to +9. I honestly don’t know what happened but discovering that my templar legacy helmet is missing does bother me.

Anyway, I’m requesting a replacement of the templar legacy helmet. Since fortifying it also costs quite a bit, I would love it if a blessed fortification clover is included as well to compensate for this random inconvenience.


I received a brilliant reply~

Hello PocoPoco,

Thank you for contacting us about this issue.

We have checked the character you listed and found that you are currently
wearing the helmet you claimed to be swapped. Please make sure you are
running the latest version of the game and have not bypassed the launcher
as this can cause problems with the game.


The Grand Fantasia Team

RUFKNSRS? Clearly I displayed evidence that I am -not- wearing the helmet in question. Of course, I sent in a followup reply.

The helmet I was wearing while I was logged off was the “Heavenly Warrior” Sprite-made 75 Orange set. My client is completely up-to-date and have had absolutely no issues with running the updater and I have never bypassed the launcher and directly started the game.

Above is a video. The Legacy set has a +20% movement bonus with five pieces. As you can see, with a non-legacy set equipped, that is the move speed. When the entire “Legacy” set equipped, the move speed remains the same. The headpiece I mentioned is some random green 70 piece that somehow replaced my +9 Legacy Helmet after Emergency Maintenance a couple nights ago.

The video also details proof that I have every piece of my Legacy +9’d. The only thing missing is my helmet. You can go into my account and see for yourself, but the video shows that the data you have is wrong and I do -not- have my +9 Templar Legacy headpiece.

Thank you,

Oh Aeria, is your present to players GMs who’re growing worse at their job?

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December 4, 2010 3 comments


So… I still play Grand Fantasia. I’m a level 75 Templar yadda yadda yadda.

So I managed to hit cap — then it raised to 80 the following week. -_-


Yeah… I got lazy with this update.

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Grand Fantasia: PvP

September 14, 2010 3 comments

So I kinda-sorta started getting into PvP on Grand Fantasia, primarily in the Fire Arena. There’s a few issues with it that bother me.

Battlefield Guards: Are placed around the spawn point to prevent players from spawn camping. Although their intention is clear, there’s a delay in their activation and a player or group of players can rush in, lay havoc, and consequently die. Another issue is how they’re randomly placed. I’ve had matches where they’re placed retardedly close to the spawn point and they do nothing to protect spawning players against Ranged players.

Camping: Oh bloody hell this is a massive issue when you have people deliberately stacking teams. Depending on how bad it gets, it’s not -that- bad. Unfortunately it’s horrible when you’re going up against a team with nothing put pure ranged filled with classes that root you in place.

Though among all that, I do love all the stacking myself since, well, I’m a cleric. I personally don’t care much about getting an enormous amount of kills. PvP in Grand Fantasia has a ranking system where it’s classified under different things such as Destroyers, Saints, MVP, etc.

I only care about heal points to get into Saints. :>

Although admittedly I’ve been lazy. I average around 100k-ish heals per match so I could definitely get up there if I wanted to, no ego intended.

I dunno, I like PvP there. It’s nice to know that there’s usually a match going on — at least in the 40 arena.

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August 29, 2010 1 comment

This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a long time actually.

The value of items in promotion for F2P games; what spurs their cost?

  • Value based on use — if it  is an upgrade or vanity
  • Rarity, availability, and the desire from the population
  • The item itself

I’d like to focus on the item itself and directly relate it to Megaten and most other MMOs. There is one core difference in the equipment that can be bought from Megaten that isn’t that common in most MMOs. That difference is that the equipment you use in Megaten are, for the most part, capable of being traded to another player. In other MMOs, most equippable items are bound to the character equipping them and they become incapable of being traded.

Now, there are some advantages to having items that can be traded. From a player’s perspective, you can always trade your old gear and upgrade to new gear. In the real world, this would be ideal, however in the F2P scenario, the publisher cannot profit as much from players just dumping their older gear to other players and upgrading with a lower cost.

With bound items, players are incapable of trading their older items away and must either junk or store their obsolete gear away. This makes the players pay ‘more’ than a player whose gears have the capability of being traded.

In order to prevent players from being discouraged, most F2P publishers with games that have gear that is bound to the player, make most gear a little more affordable than games that do implement that function. However, where gear can be traded, the cost for items tends to be higher.

There is another view to look at when thinking about bound VS unbound items, and that is how it affects the server. Items that can be traded freely can easily flood the server to the point where new players don’t even have to spend much to obtain older gear to start out with and slowly upgrade. The company must create new and stronger gear for the players to use and eventually leads to imbalanced pieces of equipment.

With bound items, the company that produces the items for the game is not as forced to create better and better gear. There is more room for error and larger room to re-release old gear without it flooding the server as much as an equal release rate as tradeable items.

Tl;dr… The cost and the value of of an item increases with its ability to be traded.

I’m Alive~!

August 11, 2010 7 comments


I’m still getting hits? Oh right… Soul Stone stuff.

So I’ve been busy and I haven’t really been doing much gaming other than console gaming, card games, etc. Since this blog was primarily devoted with a focus on MMOs, I suppose I’ll do a little update on my endeavors on Grand Fantasia.


I hit level 51. I crafted my first yellow some week ago. For those who don’t know, Grand Fantasia has different tiers for the quality of equipment. Generally speaking (not always), White -> Green -> Blue -> Orange -> Yellow, determines the quality of the equipment. Yellow gear is a pain in the ass to make and is completely reliant. The gear could carry you on for a large number of levels.

Ok so…

Inception! (late but w/e)

Totally loved it. This is totally a spoiler in the movie so turn away if you’re bugged by that stuff.

Now… how they ended the movie in my opinion was just amazing. The Totem he consistently uses throughout the movie isn’t even his. By this fact, at the end of the movie, you don’t see the totem tip over. It’s a key statement in the movie that each person should have their own unique totem — but you never see his and the fact that he made that his own totem has its own inconsistency.

When his wife spins it, it spins forever. It’s pointless for him to spin it himself since it will ALWAYS topple over. Now… what the ending  leads me to believe is that he’s still dreaming.  The Anonymous Organizations could easily be considered as a subconscious attacking him. There’s plenty more things I could talk about in the ending but hell it’s too late for that at the moment. Maybe when I’m less tired.