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June 2, 2010 10 comments

Took about a month break and almost forgot my password to this blog. –;

Logged on and reinstalled MT after finals were over.

I'm a picture whore.

I'm a picture whore -- don't judge me.

Eh, casual playing’s been fun. Been afking online metric craptons though.

Spirit Infusion’s coming, preparing for that.

Yadda yadda yadda.

Barely played on Lunia. Been getting back into my (se)xbox360 more.

I’m back? I guess?




May 10, 2010 4 comments

I think I’m going to take a break for the most part in regards to playing MMOs.

At the moment I just can’t take any real enjoyment playing much of anything.

I might still play Lunia on and off… but I just don’t know~


April 30, 2010 20 comments

You know… After playing Megaten for so long — I nearly jizzed when I could SIT on a goddamn CHAIR.

That aside, Lunia is really promising. The grind isn’t bad at all — provided I’m only level 34. There’s over a dozen different characters you can play as (all but a handful you have to unlock by in-game stuff  or just pay cash).

  • Cash Shop “Vanity” gear: There’s a level requirement for some of these. They go over your base equipment. I really like the fact that you still have to WORK to buy vanity/useful cash gear. Furthermore you don’t even NEED to spend cash to get those — you just need to work your ass off to get those.
  • Rebirth System: I don’t know the specifics since I haven’t cared to research, but you can basically “rebirth” your character and maintain some boosts/skills/something~  from your original character based on
  • Combat System: It’s just like one of those simpsons arcade machines or battletoad/double dragon games. It’s a mix of that and an RPG where you have a skill bar. It’s nice to use the Arrow Keys/side number pad to move around and using the left hand to attack etc. A for regular attack, S for strong attack, QWERTY each key has an assignable shortcut, and the standard number bar at the top has stuff as well.

I’m in love with Lunia. It’s fun as hell~



FIRSTLY: No I don’t like furries.

Holy Beast Online is another ijji game (from CyberStep) that I’m trying out too. It’s interesting — reminds me of Grand Fantasia though. Although the skill system actually looks a lot less set-in-stone as Grand Fantasia. It’s incredibly cutesy so it might make some of your stomaches churn.

You have two forms — a human and “holy beast” form. You can be a Cow, Monkey, Tiger, Bird, Dragon. Each beast has their own special abilities and class restrictions. It’s different and it’s randomly fun.



April 28, 2010 13 comments

So I decided to pick up Lunia after being dragged in there by Viro. It’s pretty fun playing an arcade style MMO for once. It’s pretty nicely put together and it’s got quite a bit of thinking involved. In regards to the skills you can or can’t learn it seems really interesting. Haven’t done much research into the game so I’ll probably just run in blind~

So yeah, it’s a fun little game and I think I might end up playing this a bit more. We’ll see. =3


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