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RT Story Time~!

December 14, 2010 6 comments

I send in an RT regarding my ban and I get:

Dear goddessofstuff,

Thanks for inquiring about your account’s status. At this present
moment, your account is temporarily suspended until 12/15. This is for
repeatedly editing the MegaTen wiki with information that should not
have been posted on it.

We do appreciate all of the contributions for all of the information
that has been provided on this wiki page. Please keep in mind that the
information posted on this wiki page needs to be informational and
helpful for all players within the community.

Submitting unhelpful information on the wiki only creates a lot of
problems for those who are attempting to utilize it and unwanted

We understand that you and others would like recognition for the
contributions that were made, and we do agree with this, however, it
does not mean that this information should be posted on the front page
of the wiki.

We will be creating a page so that all contributers can be listed. This
should be up shortly, so that you and others can have their names
written in grand document that has been put together.

As a future reference, please refrain from posting any blog sites that
are not linking to any resourceful information. This is not the intended purpose of our wiki page.

Please take this time to review and understand our positioning with all
of the information that we have detailed in this email. If you have any
questions or concerns in regards to anything, please be sure to contact
us or specific GM’s through their profile, so that we can aid you.


Team MegaTen

I reply with:

At the time prior to her removal of the data, Finella’s blog, the ONLY
blog I posted had much more information than the wiki — which copied
data from her site.

She violated Cave’s ToS with the same exact information that Aeria’s
wiki is also violated. The information posted in Aeria’s wiki that’s a
mirror of Finella’s should also be taken down as well.


Dear goddessofstuff,

Please understand that the information on the US wiki is compiled from
all users that are contributing to providing all information in regards
to the game.

Even though this user, Finella, had used “reverse engineering” to gather
this information for her blog, for the US wiki, all information is not
against Caves ToS.

Cave has formed a partnership with AGE, and with this partnership, all
information in regards to the game is no in any way, shape or form, a
violation of their ToS. AGE has full permission to extract and request
all information and data to post and place upon this wiki, with no repercussions.

AGE also does have all of the information within our internal database
to update the wiki with all information and details when the time is

Please keep in mind that all players within the AGE community have the privileged to help add to the knowledge of the game. Remember, this is a privileged, and not a right.

We hope that this brings about some clarity to the whole situation, and
that you do bring forth some productive contributions from hence forth.


Team MegaTen

I find these double standards rather endearing, don’t you agree?

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December 14, 2010 26 comments

Shoutbox logs~! Tell me if I did anything bannable =]

Logs (cleaner than pasting it here T_t)

Side Note — CTRL+F and input

2010-12-14 06:45:51
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August 29, 2010 1 comment

This is a post that I’ve been meaning to write for a long time actually.

The value of items in promotion for F2P games; what spurs their cost?

  • Value based on use — if it  is an upgrade or vanity
  • Rarity, availability, and the desire from the population
  • The item itself

I’d like to focus on the item itself and directly relate it to Megaten and most other MMOs. There is one core difference in the equipment that can be bought from Megaten that isn’t that common in most MMOs. That difference is that the equipment you use in Megaten are, for the most part, capable of being traded to another player. In other MMOs, most equippable items are bound to the character equipping them and they become incapable of being traded.

Now, there are some advantages to having items that can be traded. From a player’s perspective, you can always trade your old gear and upgrade to new gear. In the real world, this would be ideal, however in the F2P scenario, the publisher cannot profit as much from players just dumping their older gear to other players and upgrading with a lower cost.

With bound items, players are incapable of trading their older items away and must either junk or store their obsolete gear away. This makes the players pay ‘more’ than a player whose gears have the capability of being traded.

In order to prevent players from being discouraged, most F2P publishers with games that have gear that is bound to the player, make most gear a little more affordable than games that do implement that function. However, where gear can be traded, the cost for items tends to be higher.

There is another view to look at when thinking about bound VS unbound items, and that is how it affects the server. Items that can be traded freely can easily flood the server to the point where new players don’t even have to spend much to obtain older gear to start out with and slowly upgrade. The company must create new and stronger gear for the players to use and eventually leads to imbalanced pieces of equipment.

With bound items, the company that produces the items for the game is not as forced to create better and better gear. There is more room for error and larger room to re-release old gear without it flooding the server as much as an equal release rate as tradeable items.

Tl;dr… The cost and the value of of an item increases with its ability to be traded.

I’m Alive~!

August 11, 2010 7 comments


I’m still getting hits? Oh right… Soul Stone stuff.

So I’ve been busy and I haven’t really been doing much gaming other than console gaming, card games, etc. Since this blog was primarily devoted with a focus on MMOs, I suppose I’ll do a little update on my endeavors on Grand Fantasia.


I hit level 51. I crafted my first yellow some week ago. For those who don’t know, Grand Fantasia has different tiers for the quality of equipment. Generally speaking (not always), White -> Green -> Blue -> Orange -> Yellow, determines the quality of the equipment. Yellow gear is a pain in the ass to make and is completely reliant. The gear could carry you on for a large number of levels.

Ok so…

Inception! (late but w/e)

Totally loved it. This is totally a spoiler in the movie so turn away if you’re bugged by that stuff.

Now… how they ended the movie in my opinion was just amazing. The Totem he consistently uses throughout the movie isn’t even his. By this fact, at the end of the movie, you don’t see the totem tip over. It’s a key statement in the movie that each person should have their own unique totem — but you never see his and the fact that he made that his own totem has its own inconsistency.

When his wife spins it, it spins forever. It’s pointless for him to spin it himself since it will ALWAYS topple over. Now… what the ending  leads me to believe is that he’s still dreaming.  The Anonymous Organizations could easily be considered as a subconscious attacking him. There’s plenty more things I could talk about in the ending but hell it’s too late for that at the moment. Maybe when I’m less tired.

What’ve I been up to?

July 3, 2010 24 comments

I’ve been…

Playing World of Warcraft

Playing Grand Fantasia

Playing Megaten

Haven’t gotten addicted to World of Warcraft and I’m treating it like Grand Fantasia — strictly casual. Hell I’m only 20/21 on it. Great to explore shit though. Like I expected and hosted on Honest Muse, I just don’t have the energy to really get into an MMO. I’ll likely only play until my subscription ends which is on September.

Totally was a lazy ass and got powerleveled on Grand Fantasia. It’s a pretty bad idea in some respects if only because your sprites get retardedly behind. There’s gold sellers whispering you every other moment and your mailbox gets sent spam.

Then there’s Megaten. Honestly, even though the thing’s a sinking ship I’ll probably be on it till it’s gone. As long as I’m not dropping cash on it then it’s all good.



June 28, 2010 8 comments

Subcategory: Report Behavior

Game: MegaTen

Server: Cerberus

Character Name: Indicative

Date and time of occurrence: 2010-06-28 13:11 GMT-8

Offender’s Character Name: [GS]Dojan5

Proof of offense:

Indicative: So

Indicative: “Honestly, I’m not one who posts a lot in blogs, I’m fartoo lazy to do such, you know how I think it’s a lot easier to justpoke/harass/pester/love people over YIM, it’s much more instantaneous andmuch less like writing a letter. Bleh.”

Indicative: Too bad the last time I confronted you on YIM you logged offand I had to force you to talk on the sbox.

Joel Lundborg: Please refrain from sending any messages to me over YIM. Ifyou have any problems please send in a ticket through contact us.

Indicative: lmaoIndicative: Just have one thing to say — and that’s hypocrite. Good day~

Indicative: Since you can talk to me on a blog and not over YIM.

Joel Lundborg: You’re Indicative, not Thanos. What I wrote on Thanos’ blogwas directed towards him, not you.Joel Lundborg has signed out. (6/28/2010 10:06 AM)

One primary thing the [GS]Dojan5 had written that I had confronted him withon the aforementioned blog and the following YIM conversation.

I had previously contacted [GS]Dojan5 when he left a Fate PvP match in-gamesometime back. I had spoken in shout chat at the time and when he saw myname he had logged off. I confronted him over YIM asking him what theproblem was.
He didn’t reply and I knew he was online. This was an issue I wanted sortedout to prevent any future issues.
I confronted him on the shoutbox — tactless but it had to be done. Ididn’t want a GS to be heavily bias against me.
Honestly, after reading his comment on [GS]thanos4eva’s blog, it didaggravate me a little bit especially when that was an indirect attack onmyself. Blogs are not a ground for reporting behaviour, but the performanceof a GS trancends blogs and Aeria’s Forums and Games.

I honestly regret ever having supported him in the previous GS applicationbefore he was made a GS. A lot of players have expressed their disdain uponseeing him make GS. Between him always using school as an excuse to be busy(which honestly should take priority) to acting like a little kid in theshoutbox -after- making GS.
Please review his performances and monitor his actions — if only to makehim improve himself.


If needed I will attempt to get logs of the shoutbox and of my prior YIMconversation with him as well as checking for any screenshots regarding theFate match.

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June 18, 2010 48 comments

Sendspace Screenshot Packet DL

Dear GoddessOfStuff,

This is a notice of a ban placed on the Admin account assigned to this e-mail address.
It was found that a character under the account was ‘inappropriate language’.

With this behavior confirmed we have placed a ‘temporary’ ban on the account starting on Fri, 2010-06-18 11:16. If you wish to discuss this ban further please contact us to receive a request ticket.

— Admin Team

Well I didn’t screen it but~

  • [Say]Indicative: To see if they fucked up again (00:11:11)
  • [Say]Indicative: Nirok (00:39:47)
    [Say]Indicative: can fuck himself (00:39:50)

It’s funny because saying Fuck twice is grounds for a temp ban. Honestly, is the dark, religiously conflicting 18+ game intended to be played by people who should be held by their parent’s game? I’m not even angry, I’m laughing at how fast they banned me as opposed to the metric shittons of other issues they have to deal with.

Obviously it was BunBun or Peanut who did it. I’m sure Nirok(thanos4eva) reported me as well.  It’s also funny because people get away with even worse in-game.

Careful guize, saying fuck three times gets you perma-banned.

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